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The arts and creative industries are some of the hardest hit by COVID professional fields. Many artists find it difficult to find funding and decide to refocus their careers, to stop pursuing their own passion professionally. I need your help to stop that.

Get involved in the creation of Kisane – a free search engine for all governmental and public grants and opportunities available to artists from Europe (and why not the whole world?). Here’s how:

  • Programming the search tool (an online database).
  • Sharing your knowledge about public and private opportunities and/or funding, regardless of location. (examples are: EU projects, foundation programs, grants, museum/gallery exhibition openings, etc.)
  • Languages – if you speak any European language, you can help by combing through all EU governments’ websites, taking out all culture-related financing schemes, tagging and filling them in the database. All language speakers are welcome, I wrote European as a starting point. O:) 
  • Sharing this page with anyone who could be interested in either using or helping to build Kisane. 😉
  • Writing and posting social media posts in Bulgarian and English is also very, very welcome! 

Contact me, Angelina, at this email: ani.alexandrova36@gmail.com or text me on Facebook here.

Is that all Kisane is?

No, Kisane is a massive idea and a vision for a world where art is integrated into our daily lives, where artists earn enough from their creativity and the things they love, and where everyone has a direct line to creation and art, regardless of where they are or what inspires them. The search tool is only the beginning.

Are you an artist? I think worrying about finding and getting the next funding, not knowing how to make money through your artistic talent, feeling not well connected or like you don’t know enough makes the world miss out on your awesomeness as a creator. Kisane helps you overcome all of these life hassles and professional obstacles so that you can focus entirely on your craft. This will make art more accessible as entertainment and as a profession.

Here is a summary of what I want ‘Kisane’ to mean, each number is a stage in development:

  1. A free search tool for all governmental funding and opportunities available to artists around the world. 
  2. A platform through which creators can apply and be selected for opportunities. 
  3. A paid matching system that connects entities with the most suitable artists for their opportunity/ies and vice versa. 
  4. A subscription-based network that organizes live and online networking and promotion events.
  5. An online subscription-based learning community Business Academy for Artists.
  6. An in-person educational and mentor network.
  7. A web of artist community centers.
  8. Cultural and social venture incubator and grants.

If you click here, you’ll see a more detailed explanation of this list – the elevator pitches of each phase, if you will. 

The order of phases is not fixed, but has been deliberately thought through, to begin with the simplest product and build up from there. If you want to help with making Kisane a reality now or at a later stage – please email me at ani.aleksandrova36@gmail.com 

Later, I’d love to promote the search tool through unpaid channels, begin a fundraising campaign to get the ball rolling or continue working with volunteers until Kisane starts getting revenue. I want all of Kisane’s services to be affordable for anyone – be it rookie creators, millionaire artists or cultural foundations, regardless of where they’re based. 

Important: Kisane is a social enterprise with equal parts business and giving back. We want to provide affordable services and spaces, which need to be maintained and updated to give the most value – maintenance relies not only on eager personnel but on adequate funding as well. Donations can be very volatile, which could lead to inadequate maintenance and lack of growth opportunities for our services, therefore, we choose to back our cause through a business model. A business model is more sustainable and predictable than donations, thus making business just as important as social change and empowerment of artists for Kisane.

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