My soul is constantly changing,

as are the ideas that gush out of it like blood from a deep wound.

This fluid creativity, this pressured creation –

the only things that keep me whole.

The hydraulic system that fills the mechanics of my body.

With the expression of my inner ocean, a man can only help by turning on the machinery and showing me where everything leaks from.

It leaks out and pours like sugar into coffee.

As sugar dissolves and disappears, so I find myself in everything.

Infinity and omnipresence –

mercilessly envelop me in my helplessness.

It is time to leave my waters, to ride another wave, to join a new current,

hitherto unknown.

If I could fight, I would have a choice.

But I don’t.

Water and air in union.

Fire and earth in conclusion, as a way up and a lesson.

Tenderness, delicacy along a hard and stable spine.

Warmth – inner, human passion.

And how to do all this?

To be creation, creativity, and love?

To weave my soul into my consciousness and everyday life?

I’m jumping off.

Darkness and a quiet, warm splash.

I am again in the abyss of thermal water – supported and loved.

Where I need to be.

Where I capitulate.

Where the world expresses itself through me.


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