Detailed stages of Kisane

Kisane is an amalgam of a bunch of different international, worldwide ventures, some of which upgrade on each other. Read here how you can help revolutionize the creative industry and empower artists. In this article, read what the elevator pitches are for each development stage: 

  1. A free search tool for all governmental funding and opportunities available to artists around the world. Initially, the search tool will contain only the manually sourced opportunities from ministries of culture until Kisane gains popularity. I want museums, galleries, ministries of culture, embassies, publishers, festivals, fairs, art associations, music records, foundations, and everyone who wants to sponsor art to be able to post their opportunity on the platform. 
  1. A platform through which creators can apply and be selected for opportunities. This would build on the search tool by adding profiles:
  • for artists, where they showcase their work and say what they’re looking for.
  • for entities, where they offer opportunities and describe what people they are looking to work with. 

After the Business Academy for Artists, users will be able to create and sell their own service on these profiles (think platforms that offer teachers like Italki or Preply) and get promoted by Kisane.

  1. A paid matching system based on the above-mentioned profiles that connects entities with the most suitable artists for their opportunity/ies and vice versa. Here I would like to work with organizations to add a feature that automatically fills in any necessary documentation online – making administration of creative activities effortless and green.
  1. A subscription-based network that organizes live and online networking events for artists to promote their work (conferences, art battles, create-a-thons, exhibitions, fairs, etc.), to meet others in the same or in a different field, a mingling space for people from institutions and a similar to HitRecord creator collaborative platform. The subscription would not only cover organizing these events, but also promoting the artists that take part in them.
  1. An online subscription-based learning community Business Academy for Artists – courses by artists for artists on how to promote and sell your art, how to curate exhibitions/experiences, how to account your expenses, mindset, fundraising, entrepreneurship, language classes: a Skillshare tailored to how to make a living through art. I want the courses to be made by successful creators in all countries and languages as every region has their own specifics. 
  1. An in-person educational and mentor network – professional development centers, where artists can offer certification courses, offer or accept mentorship. Kisane would offer the teaching space, do quality control and marketing, as well as make sure that the courses are up to the specific country’s governmental requirements. 
  1. A web of artist community centers in small towns or even villages, where networking events take place, classes are taught (all that cater to people under 21 – financed by Kisane), spaces rented for creative projects, exhibitions, networking events, lectures, etc. Moreover, adjacent to these centers I want to have hostels/guest houses and work studios for rent for traveling artists at a discount rate.
  1. Cultural and social venture incubator and grants – Once Kisane has grown sufficiently in income and experience, I want to not only finance artistic community centers but also support people with ideas that can better and beautify our world. Through a specialized incubator and grants, Kisane can take new cultural and social entrepreneurs under its wing as either subsidiaries or mentored, but independent ventures. 

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