What is Human Design?

Human Design mandala

Have you recently heard the words “Human Design”, but had no idea what they meant? Are you trying to determine whether this thing can help you in any way? Or maybe you’re wondering how is it different from astrology?

In this blog post, I will explain what the Human Design (HD) system is, how you can use it to live a happier life and the (dis)similarities between HD and astrology. 

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a complex system that helps us understand how we, people, work on our own, in couples, and in groups. It shows our individual potentials, our vulnerabilities, and the way we are built to make decisions. Originally, it is said to be knowledge about the Universe’s mechanic way of working, and if that is something that interests you, you can certainly research in that direction.

The system itself is an amalgam of ancient traditions and modern sciences, namely Taoist I’Ching, Kabbalah Tree of Life, Hindu Chakra system, various astrological systems, Astronomy, Physics, and Molecular Biology. All of this knowledge is shown in the Human Design mandala or bodygraph (also known as a chart). 

Use of Human Design

Human Design can be used to get to know yourself better, to understand others easier, how to make decisions that are aligned with who you were born to be. 

All of this can be read on your bodygraph. You can get yours from Jovian Archive, the official HD website, here.

For me, learning how to make decisions and where I am influenced by others play a huge role in why I am so into HD. The system provides a guide for experimentation and does not oblige you to take everything seriously or even as remotely true.

I recommend you get a reading from someone who has experience in living their design, as well as in reading others’ charts. Certified professionals tend to charge 100-250 euro per reading, but you can book a 30 euro reading with me through the Contact me page as I am working towards my certification. 🙂 

I am writing a guide on how to read your HD chart if you prefer to explore your potential and weaknesses on your own. The cornerstones of the system are your Type with its corresponding Strategy and your Authority, which largely depends on your overall chart. I’ll link the blog post here once it’s done O:)

Human Design and Astrology

As I wrote above, astrology is part of Human Design. This means that a lot of information is similar or even the same – the difference is that HD gives even more depth and a different perspective than astrology. Even though the charts are calculated using the same information, they look different – below you can see a natal chart:

Image result for natal chart

And a human design chart:

The example above is of the HD founder – Ra Uru Hu.

Both systems rely on and study the planetary and human cycles. Both systems give insight into your own strengths, weaknesses, fixations, and how the planetary cycle we’re in and other people influence you. 

Most people that are into human design have been astrologists first. I’ve always been interested in astrology but never picked it up while HD got me like it was a cat, and I was a mouse. 

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions regarding human design!

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