Abstract painting: What do you see?

When I was little, I loved to draw – didn’t like watercolors, so I thought I hated painting. I used shapes to ‘draw’ since whenever I tried to draw straight from my imagination, things did NOT look like what I had in mind. My drawings usually resembled colorful scratches – as abstract as they get. Everybody told me I can’t really draw, which lead me to lose interest in it eventually.

A year or so ago, my boyfriend told me he wants to paint, and that he has acrylic paints and brushes but no canvas. We went out together to get him his canvas, I got excited and got a canvas for myself plus other arts and crafts supplies. We brought everything home, and he left for a few hours. 

An old, forgotten muse came to visit. I looked at the canvas, thought about the paints, and decided I want to finger paint. Which I did. This beauty came out:

I remember how the sun was shining softly on me that afternoon, while I was sitting on the floor making colorful smudges on the canvas, listening to and humming a song. I colored the styrofoam star and let if dry out before I glued it to my creation. 

We had issues with the bathroom ventilation then because it smelled of cigarettes often and somehow that was connected to a leak in a corner of the ceiling in the living room, so I was also expecting plumbers to come check out what the issue was. They came and walked in on my creative process. Both of them smiled and did their job.

I love how everyone sees something different in this painting – I saw a dance competition, my cousin saw a dinosaur, someone else saw the bottom of the ocean. What do you see?

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