From another world

Black and dark purple abstract light play. Photo by Anni Roenkae from Pexels

Four years ago, in 2017, I wrote a lot. Recently, my mom reminded me of this particular fantasy short story, so I decided to translate and share it here. Enjoy!

A small shack in the center of the small village of Tama. In front of its entrance – a noisy crowd of reporters, representing an extremely unusual view of this remote and peaceful village.

The door opened and a fabulously handsome young man came out, about seventeen with smooth, white skin, high, defined cheekbones, long, wavy black hair, red eyes framed by long, thick lashes. Giant icy wings protruded from his back, refracting the light and making it look as if a rainbow had gathered in them. He wore simple black ripped jeans and a wide white Guns ‘n’ Roses T-shirt. He was the reason the reporters were in this languid, empty place.

– Oh, good afternoon. – The young man stepped back from the door and allowed the reporters to enter. Journalists, a little confused by this invitation, hurried into the house. The boy yawned and closed the door after the last journalist.

The room they were in was bright, spacious, and clean. There were only a few pieces of furniture: a wooden table with a candle, two chairs next to it, and a bookcase that was so full that there were piles of books on the floor next to it. As soon as the door closed, the cameras and microphones stopped working. The floor spun and began to collapse. There was panic among the news crews – everyone pushed themselves under the door frame, shouting “Earthquake”.

“Hah, they think it’s an earthquake.” The boy said to himself and smiled.

Gradually, everything lost its color and became transparent – even the people themselves. Only the winged boy did not lose his colors, on the contrary – his hair and eyes stood out even more brightly on his pale skin. Some reporters were taken aback, others cried out in horror. The boy went to the table, took the candle, and lit it. The colorless room was filled with the aroma of incense. The reporters were stunned by the smell and relaxed on the floor. After everyone was on the floor, the young man went to the window and opened it – it was cold and all the furniture changed, turning into ice. Snow appeared on the floor, and out from the snow came snow flowers in the colors of the rainbow, just like the boy’s wings.

– Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the underworld. According to the Scandinavians, this is hell, and in my opinion – heaven. No, just because you’re here, doesn’t mean I want to kill you. I’ll get you back on the ground as soon as you get the interview.

From the sudden change in temperature, most journalists had come to their senses and were now watching the boy in horror.

– Is he a magician? – They whispered to each other.

“No, gentlemen, I’m not a magician. I’m not sick of any rare disease, either – that’s not why I’m winged and red-eyed. Nor am I mentally ill. Let me tell you why I look like this…

And he began telling a story:

“Once upon a time, as you probably don’t know, fairy tales were a reality. There were dragons, demons, samodivas, valkyries, vampires and whatnot. Of course, each of these types of magical creatures lived in a different place, which is why they were not known everywhere. They treated people like slaves, but they were not cruel to them. Well, it happened that one of the more bloodthirsty samodivas ate a human man, but only after great transgressions.

Naturally, love also flourished between these two races. But this connection in most of its varieties is not capable of creating offspring. And these pairs were much more numerous than the naturally defined ones. Here is where a war begun – driven by the disappointment after love and the beginning of hatred. Supernatural beings were strong, but not as numerous as humans. The war ended only when the last one or two hundred magical beings surrendered and fled to worlds to which humanity has no access.

They lived like this for thousands of years, until a dictatorial angel appeared and wanted to rule humanity again. He assembled an army larger and stronger than the armies of all mankind combined. He first sent vampire spies to determine where to launch their first attack. But these vampires never returned – they liked the lives of their enemies and gave up the idea of ​​invading this world. The angel sent three more detachments of spies – samodivas, valkyries, and wizards. They also did not return for the same reason – some even fell in love. Losing patience, the commander decided that he himself would gather the needed information and came alone. When he had gathered enough information to attack, he met a woman — beautiful as an angel, graceful as a diva, and murderously intelligent. The same fate befell him as his spies – he fell in love with a human woman. For the first time in history, an angel fell in love with a human – the heavenly inhabitants were too haughty and arrogant to look at life on earth at all.

Some time passed, and the woman responded to his feelings. From there, as is the human order, they married. There were no more plans for enslavement, and the angel confessed to his beloved what he truly is. She accepted him. After a year of marriage, a miracle happened – I appeared. A child of an angel and a human. This cost my mother’s life and led to my father’s almost successful suicide attempt. But he survived. He raised me alone, here, away from people, but in the human world, so that I would not have the reputation of a failed dictator’s child. He never overcame his beloved. Once I learned to take care of myself – he committed suicide. I’ve been alone ever since. And careless. That is why only now, seventeen years later, do you find out about me – a miracle of nature. So, do you have any more questions? ”

The journalists were stunned. It had never occurred to them before that tales and legends were true, let alone that they would see a live angel. A half-angel, but an angel. They sat in silence as the room rose, warmed up, and regained its color. There was no trace of the original smile on the supernatural young man’s face. During the story, his eyes filled with black tears. A young reporter handed him a handkerchief, he accepted it and opened the door for the reporters. They left in silence.

This report was never broadcast – there was no video because of the broken cameras and microphones, nor was it released – no one would believe it…

         But you believe, don’t you?

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