August in Latvia

August was a month, packed with activities, decisions, and growth. At the end of it, I took a little look at the past, and it made me realize how much I have changed – Annie from August 2021 is no longer. Angelina is blossoming and creating an intentional life. 

First week (01 – 07.08)

This week Manuel and I helped the Liepaja Innovation and Science Center with a children’s nature half-day camp. 

On Monday, I went alone because Manuel went to work at a festival the previous 4 days and was exhausted. He did, however, both mine and his food spending administration, for which I am very grateful ^^ At the camp, I met 7 kids between 9 and 11 years old: three of which immediately recognized me as a new friend, so I got to spend most of the day answering their questions and listening to jokes and long explanations of Minecraft. We learned about each other, the Liepaja Lake, and its inhabitants. On this day I also began a trial run with a spiritual teacher because I wanted to see how it feels to be supported on the journey of consciously creating my life experience, so I wrote down almost all of my thoughts and got to analyze them around 4 pm. After the activities with the kids, Justine, the organizer, and I stayed to try and figure out how to make paper aquariums that the kids can color and fill with paper fish the next day – we didn’t figure it out, we broke 4 cardboard knives. 😀 On my way home, I stopped to do some groceries (which is a big thing for me, because I showed myself through my action that I am important to myself instead of procrastinating the shopping and ending up cooking something unhealthy). I cooked, spent some time with Manuel, and read most of the evening – I highly recommend Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman! 

A notebook was dropped – Justine’s heroic journey of retrieving it

Tuesday was the second day with the kids – I began it by writing here and a bit for Confessions of a woman in love, which got me upset and that emotion had a chokehold over me for most of my day. At the camp, we played some real and some VR games, made models of the lake and fishing rods, then went fishing. After the camp, Manuel and I had a meeting with Ance, to review the plan and schedule for August, which went well. Two girls signed up for my creative writing course, which made me so happy! In the evening, I had introspective conversations with Manuel and the spiritual teacher about the event I was describing in Confessions, let out the hurt, and looked for a way to feel gratitude for it. I was exhausted at the end of the day but dedicated to myself, so I cooked and agreed to continue with the support the teacher offered on my spiritual journey. 

On Wednesday, the kids learned about ants, cockroaches, and other bugs at the Nature House – Manuel and I mostly carried chairs/tables around and prepared the following activities. I really enjoy hanging out and playing with the kids. In the afternoon, I had a call with my mom and a great text convo with Charlotte. Most of the day was spent observing and purely being, which felt deeply satisfying: whenever I would get back in my mind, I would imagine my ribs opening like a 2-wing door, and I’d breathe in my heart. Ease, pleasure, and calm flowed out into me and the world from that. <3

Thursday was spent exploring and learning about plants – Manuel and I made a rose example from play dough and an origami flower, so most of the kids got excited to make their own origami flowers! I had so much fun hanging out with them, I’d love to ruminate on the idea of working with kids and see what inspiration comes through. My mom has always suggested I work as a teacher, but I truly dislike teaching and managing big groups of people, no matter their age. Let’s see O:) After work, I wrote my day’s analysis to my spiritual teacher, watched a show, meditated, cooked, and taught a pleasant Bulgarian class. :3 

Friday was the last day of camp: we designed puzzles and made them with a heat press, played outside, and ate ice cream, prepared with liquid nitrogen. We said bye to the kids. Manuel went to the beach, while I enjoyed some time alone at home, and had a short call with a friend. In the evening, Charlotte and I went to play tennis – neither of us knew how, but we learned in the 1-hour we had on the court. 😀 It was a lot of fun. I was a bit sad that the camp finished and there wouldn’t be another one. 

On Saturday, I talked with some friends, got a job offer, and decided I’m going to university in Bulgaria this year before Manuel and I put our ZIIC puzzles together, hung out in Omegle, and accepted an invite from his mentor to go BBQing for dinner in a campsite near Liepaja. There was a DJ and live music at the campsite, which was wonderful, the company was great, and the food – tasty. 

Sunday was a chill day – I talked with some friends on the phone, stretched at the beach with Charlotte, where we had a wondrous inspiration for collaborative work, and called my mom to ask her to apply for me at Plovdiv University. She took the news well, while I was feeling anxious for most of the day to tell her. Manuel was encouraging me to follow my heart and to openly share my ideas with my mom. Grazie, p. 

Second week (08 – 14.08)

On Monday, my mom went to apply to uni for me – the specialty I want was full, but she exchanged numbers with the dean of it, and they talked on the phone on Friday to see if someone gave up. Nobody did, so we checked back in again at the beginning of September. I was excited about how everything is falling into place. Manuel and I shot a video for the Youth House, but Ance said it was too stiff, so we redid it on Tuesday. I enjoyed my own company and daydreams throughout this day, while spending some time researching and imagining where will I live and what I could do for work. 

Tuesday was another introspective day as it began with writing in my life review and a mentor session with Elina, where we talked about my current self-image. I informed her of my departure from the project, and we discussed how I’ll bring it up to Ance later that same day, both announcements went well. Manuel and I had a meeting with Ance about 2 upcoming events, after which we shot a video for the International Youth Day on 12.08. In the afternoon, I did some work for the Dance Battle Event that will happen on the 1st of October and called my sending organization to let them know I’ll be going back to Bulgaria again. 

On Wednesday, I almost finished my life review before I got to work  – I took breaks to read The Right to Write by Julia Cameron and do some of the exercises she offers in the book.  In the evening, Manuel and I went to the Youth House, where we rehearsed with other youngsters a mini-play for the youth festival we’re going to on Friday. I met some people that were playing music and asked them to play at the Youth House’s birthday at the end of August, which is an event I am mostly in charge of now. :O They were very nice, had fun conversations, and then Andis, Manuel’s mentor, came to pick us up, so we can see a possible venue for a dance battle. He took us to an enormous closed boarding school, that is now being renovated to become an artist residency. It didn’t fit the lead force behind the Dance battle’s idea of where to have the event, so she started thinking of other options. 

I spent Thursday morning reorganizing my CV and applying to a How to organize a cultural festival training. During the day, I did some work for the Youth House’s birthday, met a potential new housemate online for when I move back to Plovdiv, hung out online with some friends, and talked with my cousin about the spiritual purpose of our family.

Friday morning I began an overnight trip to Jurmala with a few youngsters to participate in the youth festival Kopums. At the festival, I joined Sofi, one of my companions, in a workshop on expressing emotions through dance, then played an escape game in Latvian with her before we got on stage. The youth I was with were the organizers of the Open Stage event in May and the purpose of our trip was for them to present their successful initiative in front of other active youngsters. Our presentation went well and everyone spread out to do their own things. I explored Jurmala, found the museum and gallery (which were free!!!), and went in with Kristers, another one of the youngsters. We also went to the beach – in the evening there was a party, that I didn’t feel like going to, so I found a new friend to chat with before getting comfortable on the floor of the gym hall we were staying in. 😀

Saturday involved a lot of observation of nature in solitude, for which I am grateful. Kristers and I found a decently-priced supermarket, we talked and walked for a while before he went to the beach. A guy I met at the Youth House a few months ago recognized me and came to say Hi, so I had company for a little while. The ride back to Liepaja was nice and quick.

Sunday is quickly turning into my day for chores. In the morning I went out on a walk to the beach, where I found a nice, shady place to journal. Later, some friends called me, I am so lucky with my current social circle <3 Manuel’s shoes got stolen on the beach in the afternoon, so he asked me to bring him his gym ones, and I got to go on a second walk. 

Third week (15 – 21.08)

Monday I kept procrastinating – it was my self-appointed deadline to post my July in Latvia article, and I had the English version done, but didn’t want to go over the translation. I was feeling a bit sickly, which showed me my need for rest and pure being. I danced a bit, worked here and there, talked with friends again, and cuddled myself, a lot. <3 In the evening, Manuel and I had a conversation about how everything is your choice, whether you feel happy or miserable, you have a say in what to do and how to feel. 

On Tuesday, I began my day by spamming Manuel with resources on how to live in a way that’s aligned with who he is and what he wants to feel and experience. At 10 am, I had a meeting with Elina, where we tried to squeeze my almost 10-month project into a few skills I’ve developed and knowledge gained, that are appropriate for a CV. At 1, I went out for a short talk with Lotta, where I treated myself to a cake. After that, I went to talk to Dagnija about me leaving the project and got the green light to buy my flight tickets, so I did. Someone once told me that flight tickets are cheaper on Tuesdays, and they were right! 😀 More work ensued, that I did with pleasure. 

There was nothing note-worthy on Wednesday either – work was done, food was cooked, and joy was had. I colored a bit and did a few card readings in the evening for the people that texted me after I posted a story asking if anybody wanted that. An acquaintance asked me for coaching help, and I began packing for my trip back to Bulgaria. Happy day. O:) 

On Thursday I talked with sooo many people! I did more card readings and discussed gender issues, which made me realize that I do not want to associate with some of my interlocutors at all, and hung out with some friends. Most of this I enjoyed and for the parts I didn’t enjoy, I am grateful.

Friday was my first creative writing workshop, for which almost the whole group showed up and the one person that didn’t, texted me in the morning that they wouldn’t be able to make it. It went well: we went to the lake and did 3 writing exercises there. In the evening, I went on a walk with Jekabs. 

On the weekend I wanted to go to Ventspils, which didn’t work as clouds and rain settled in. Instead, I recharged, wrote, reflected on myself and my body, and discussed all things spiritual with Manuel.

Fourth week (22 – 28.08)

This week was uneventful for the most part – I prepared for the Youth House’s Birthday party, for my creative writing workshop, and for the Human Library event, with which I’m hoping to put a strong end to my Latvian experience. I read and talked to my soul, meditated, and integrated new insights through gentle care. 

Tuesday was Manuel and Elina’s birthday, so I woke up my housemate with cake and a song before I brought sweets to my mentor to celebrate her at the Youth House. In the evening, Manuel and I watched Interstellar, which is his favorite movie, and ate pizza to finish commemorating his special day. 

On Wednesday, Elina helped me figure out some details for the party on Friday, after which I got down to work. A very chill day that began with a looming sense of stress because of the number of tiny issues Elina brought to my attention, however, they all required simple and quick fixes. 

Thursday was chill, prepping for the big day.

And finally, Friday! At 1, I had my creative writing workshop, where I asked everyone to come dressed as main characters, and we played with creating characters and exploring their stories. I am very happy with the positive feedback I got about the activities.

Then, Manuel came, so he and Jekabs prepared the space for the party, while I double-checked what else needs to be done, and did that. We had two workshops at the same time at 5 pm – henna and yoga. Almost 20 people came, most of which first did henna, then yoga. A band was supposed to play but got too shy when they learned they were the only ones (the plan was to have a few musicians play, but only this band signed up). We played games and some of the girls took over the open mic set-up to do karaoke. Overall, a successful party! 

On Saturday evening, Manuel and I had to go to a festival and sit at a table of the Youth and Children’s Center, which is the umbrella organization, part of which is the Youth House. The festival was to celebrate the opening of Liepaja’s skate park, so the main event was a skate and scooter competition, not fascinating, honestly. We were the last team to sit at our table, so around 8 a man came by, who spoke no English, but we somehow managed to communicate in Russian-Latvian-German as he was supposed to bring all the things back to the Youth and Children’s Center. That… was fun 😀

On Sunday, I wrote, read, and spend a short, but wonderful time with Manuel. It was a very pleasant day. O:)

Last days (29 – 31.08)

I began the week by translating and posting a dark short story I wrote the previous Friday during my creative writing workshop. After that, I did some work at the Youth House and recorded my first collective card reading on Tiktok before finishing The right to write by Julia Cameron. A very nice Monday.  

On Tuesday, I did some computer work for the Youth House, spent some time with Manuel, and went shopping on my own. I didn’t like anything, so my shopping turned into a walk, which led me to the Roma Art Gallery on a free-entry day! The gallery was wonderful – it’s situated underground and feels like a maze with multiple branches and sudden turns, after which the exhibitions continued, seemingly endlessly. The pieces gathered were in quite a genre range: from modern abstract to natural landscapes and daily life scenes, made with a variety of techniques. I left the gallery inspired and wondrous as I got to explore not only the artwork but the space itself, both offering me a peek into the variety of mindsets of Latvian creators.

Wednesday was wonderful – meditated in the morning before I did a past-life regression to explore the root of a trigger I had around play fighting, which my cousin and Manuel find very amusing, especially when they pin me down. After that, I felt light as a feather, went grocery shopping, where I met the American from last month and managed to quickly evade his complaints. At the Youth House, I did some administrative work and forgot my laptop there. Manuel went and fetched it for me, for which I am very grateful. :3 We went to Jysk, so I can buy a box to aid me in packing and delivering my possessions to Bulgaria. I had a call with a friend and spent a nice evening in Manuel’s company.    

Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually throughout the month

This month was another spiritual trampoline, sending me to the next level. Thanks to the ‘Master’s’ guidance, I got to peel so many mental layers off of my essence. Once I decided I’m going back to Bulgaria, everything began re-arranging itself to best fit me and my desires – invitations came in, clarity on my joy, strength to bring Confessions of a woman in love closer to its end, an outpour of support from my family, friends, and acquaintances. Everything went in flow, as I chose it to be. Let’s see how will starting university in Plovdiv go.

At the end of the month, I got tired of unrequited feelings and emotional self-regulation. It felt like every time I was getting the hang of doing it on my own, Manuel came to support me and stay until I relaxed that he was there, only to turn cold again. Which was okay, as it helped me find and keep my own inner core – through this situation, I got to practice choosing joy and satisfaction, cheerfulness over and over again, no matter the outer environment. It also allowed me to realize how I was choosing to have feelings and be attached or upset, which, in turn, meant that I can also choose to view the situation differently and feel differently about it. I did that: I took some time for myself, energetically felt my emotions, and let them go. I decided I’m not into him anymore and that somehow worked. Feelings are not ruling me anymore, and I made space for new ones. 

Around that time, I accepted that last year I met a very important soul connection – a twin flame if you will, who activated a massive jump in my consciousness and worldview. Even though I wanted to deny this person’s effect on me, I was getting nowhere with that. Some feelings are there to force you to accept an intuitive truth. I am intrigued about how will this situation play out in my life, yet I am content with the simple trust in my own intuitive knowing as to the role of this person in my earthly experience – from now on, it doesn’t matter if we’ll end up together or not. We are both conscious creators, and it depends on both of our choices.

August felt like a waiting period in my life, however, work was blooming in satisfaction for me. Organizing the mini creative writing course, the Youth House’s birthday, and laying down the foundation for my last event, which was on the 10th of September gave me a sense of a job well done. I also found out that most of the work in organizing events is talking to people and waiting for the event itself.  

All in all, 

Not a bad second-to-last month in Latvia. <3 Check in around the 15th of October to read how my last 2 weeks in Latvia went, and what happened in my first two weeks of being back home. 

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