14 lessons from my time abroad

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I haven’t written in a while as I can’t seem to form the habit of writing regularly as of now 🤔 Today I want to share what lessons I’ve learned in the last 3 years that I spent living in the Netherlands. I moved back to Bulgaria, for now, a few days ago – I think I’ll share why soon. O:)

  1. Journeys unfold step by step – you rarely know the destination before you get there. The only guidance is acceptance, being open to possibilities, faith in yourself, and/or something bigger.
  2. Most things are temporary, and we don’t want to accept that – this refusal to accept reality is why it’s so hard to let go of people, situations, opportunities, that we want/enjoy but have already served their purpose.
  3. People, places and situations might be correct for you for a certain time, but that only means there is a lesson to be learned, not that it’ll make you happy or comfortable.
  4. Who I am without my family and friends’ influence. I love beauty, art, and people, but also spending time in nature and being alone, spiritual and retrospective. I don’t have a lot of energy to initiate my ideas or to do work I’m uninterested in (as my mom said, I’m lazy, but I think I’m selective). Being active on my own just doesn’t work as I get bored and lack the motivation to keep going, so I thrive with the correct company. I am also, to my surprise, highly creative and observant.
  5. Love on its own is not enough to make relationships work. Common values, goals, priorities, interests (just a couple are enough), similar sex drives and wish to invest in the relationship are key factors in a working long-term relationship.
  6. A balance of interest and of energy exchange (attention, reaching out, compromise) is a must for every relationship that enriches you and makes you feel good.
  7. I can do anything if it’s meant for me. I will be challenged on the way, so self-discipline and resilience are crucial – challenges are there to make sure that I want whatever I’m working on.  
  8. You know you’re on the right path when you’re scared but still want to do whatever’s on your mind. Usually, you also start looking for dumb excuses not to do the thing.
  9. Life is cyclical – every month, season, year has time for new beginnings, growth, endings, and reflections. Those are the themes of each season, and even a woman’s menstrual cycle and daily experience of her body syncs with this rhythm if she allows it to flow naturally.  I am in my winter now, awaiting spring.
  10. I experience a lot and enjoy sharing it – usually by talking to my partner, which, now that I am single, is quite difficult to do. I’ve also realized that this is why I seem intense, clingy and in need of plenty of attention – not the healthiest to rely on a one-person audience for my personal expression. As a way forward, I’ll try writing here more and making more irl connections. Let’s see what happens O:)
  11. I’m highly intuitive and quite connected to the intangible world – I feel spirits/ghosts, receive information out of thin air, read people’s energies (emotions, hesitations, fears, from recently even some thoughts) quite easily, and have visions. This has been quite difficult to accept as it has often been met with skepticism, disbelief and ridicule, when I’ve shared these experiences of mine. I am fully accepting of these gifts now and even started doing oracle card readings! Text me if you feel like you want a reading from me 😊
  12. Travel provides a dynamic opportunity to escape routine and grow quicker than if you work on yourself in a familiar environment. It’s also an incredible practice of being present, thinking on your feet, creating and letting go of connections, testing your limits and desires.
  13. Everything and everyone is interconnected. 🙂
  14. If the Universe wants you to rest, you’ll rest. 😀

That’s all from me for now. I think I’ll write some stories from my period abroad soon or about all the changes happening now and what it’s like to be in the middle of chaos, but we’ll see! 😉

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